Taking Care of the Lowcountry: Jeff and Lauren Tillapaugh

Taking Care of the Lowcountry: Jeff and Lauren Tillapaugh

By Cindy Reid | When you meet Lauren Tillapaugh you immediately know she is just the person you would want to take care of things for you. She radiates equal parts capability and compassion. You may already know Lauren and her husband Jeff from their Dataw Island restaurant Sweetgrass (which they recently sold) and if not you will soon know them from their new business, Redcap -Lowcountry Service Concierge.

You, Your Home, Your Car

Redcap is simply an extension of the Tillapaugh’s restaurant philosophy, where taking care of their customers was always their first priority. As Lauren says, “Redcap evolved out of the restaurant really because we developed relationships with our customers at Sweetgrass .We identified a need in the community,Redcap’s concierge services run the gamut from picking up a prescription at the pharmacy and delivering it to your door, to hanging up your holiday lights. especially for the second home owner and from that came our Home Watch business model. And our concierge business, which is essentially being a personal assistant, covers all the bases for residents, from people with limited time to people who have limited mobility. We want to help people because we genuinely care about them.”

Redcap’s concierge services run the gamut from picking up a prescription at the pharmacy and delivering it to your door, to hanging up your holiday lights. (Who wouldn’t want someone to do that for you??) Have a garage that desperately needs organizing? Give them a call. No time to grocery shop? Give them a call. From busy moms to seniors who need a hand, they will do their very best to meet your needs.

Taking Care of the Lowcountry: Jeff and Lauren Tillapaugh The Tillapaughs have proven they work together well, each complimenting the other’s strengths. Lauren say, “Jeff thrives on being busy and I thrive on the marketing side of our business. Part of launching a new business is helping people find us. In general the Home Watch business is an industry on the verge of awareness, it is a service people are definitely looking for but maybe they don’t know what it is called or how to find us, so it is my role to get the word out there through marketing and our website. “

For those who travel or are absentee home owners, Home Watch is the perfect way to keep your home safe and sound in your absence. Redcap will check everything from the security of your doors and windows to the temperature and humidity levels, and ensure there are no water leaks or other unexpected issues. Having a Home Watch service means that your home will be cared for and most importantly, safe and secure in your absence. Lauren says, “ We utilize a GPS-enabled technology that allows you to know who was in your home, and when, and allows us to send you instant reports.” She adds, “ We also offer add-on services for storms, emergencies and lockouts, a basic keyholder service and a full suite of concierge services .” Now that is peace of mind!

Taking Care of the Lowcountry: Jeff and Lauren Tillapaugh And that’s not all- Redcap’s services include a mobile detailing service. Lauren says, “Think of it as a makeover for your auto, boat or RV. Not only will your car or boat look fantastic, having it detailed helps maintain it and increases the value. Jeff and Steve Akin, our Operations Manager, do an absolutely amazing job.” You may know Steve from the Outpost at Sweetgrass, and as Lauren says, “He is family to us and I think Steve knows everyone in Beaufort! His primary focus is on Redcap’s detailing business and he will make your car look brand new.”


Married now for ten years Jeff and Lauren grew up in opposite parts of the country, Lauren in Douglasville, Georgia and Jeff in Cobleskill, NY. They met far from home in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World College Program and kept up a long distance relationship for two years while Lauren attended Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, and Jeff attended SUNY Cobleskill and Ithaca College in New York. After graduation Lauren moved to Ithaca and studied Masters of Hospitality Management at Cornell University, becoming the Director of Marketing and Events at a luxury resort in the Finger Lakes, and Jeff obtained a Masters in Recreation and Leisure Management.

After living and working in the Ithaca NY area for eight years, they were ready for a change and when Lauren’s parents, John and Judy Myers, purchased aJeff & Lauren Tillapaugh home in Beaufort, it was the perfect opportunity to make a geographical move. About Beaufort Lauren says, “We were meant to be here. It has been our home for the last five years and our daughter Maren was born here, so she is a native Beaufortonian. It is so beautiful here and such a great community, it is truly our home.” And to complete the picture, Jeff’s parents, Allan and Nancy Tillapaugh, recently purchased a second home here as well. Lauren says, “Having both sets of parents in Beaufort is such a blessing – it makes our life here even more fulfilling”.

Originally the Tillapaughs thought they would find a property to renovate and host special events here in the Lowcountry. Through their inquiries and research on businesses available in Beaufort, they found the restaurant at Dataw Island and decided to go for it. “The restaurant was a good opportunity to get our feet wet and get involved in the community. The goal was always to operate it for four or five years and then sell it and do something new,” says Lauren. “And we kept to that schedule, selling Sweetgrass after four years. We loved taking care of our customers and Redcap is an ideal way to continue what we started, just in different ways.”

Perfect Gift

The gift of time is precious, and Redcap can provide just that through their services. Remember- they come to you! Gift certificates are readily available and as the holiday season approaches, think of the people on your list who would absolutely love having their car detailed (without having to even leave their home), or the gift of having someone run errands during this busy time of year. Even better- who wouldn’t want to gift themselves with a few extra hours and a sparkling clean car? Think freedom. Think peace of mind. Think Redcap!

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Taking Care of the Lowcountry: Jeff and Lauren Tillapaugh