Clear your space in the New Year

By Megan Howe | When I was younger, I remember teachers in school requesting that we always keep our space clear. My books and notebooks were stacked neatly inside my desk. Pencils, crayons, and erasers lived in my pink pencil case. My lunchbox was tucked away in my backpack and of course all trash went in the trash can kept near the door. Everything had a place and it was my responsibility to keep my space clear. Keeping my space clear gave me the opportunity to move through my school day with more ease.
Now as an adult, I believe I have been doing a decent job keeping my space clear. My house stays fairly clean and organized. My family does not have a surplus of ‘stuff’; we have what we need and we keep all things in their designated place. We keep our space clear, our outward space that is…
Until recently, it never occurred to me that as humans, we are each filled with space internally. Yes, in between our bones, skin, organs, and blood, there is space. And, just like my old school desk, it is up to each of us individually to determine how we keep our space. We can choose to fill our space with our past with old emotions and feelings, with old relationships and old quarrels. We can choose to fill our space with future desires, wishes, and dreams. We can hold on to hatred, dishonesty, and manipulation. Or, we can hold on to compassion, love, peace, and security. We can fill ourselves with loneliness and fear. Or, we can create space for something new! We can create space for new possibilities, new opportunities, new anything!
We can implement space by slowing down and experiencing the time we have been given. This time, right now, is the only moment we are truly promised.
When we clear our space we allow ourselves to operate from a place of ease. If we give up the rush, the stress, and the struggle; we learn to trust our intuition and allow ourselves to experience the natural flow of life. Once we give up the fight and surrender all control, only then do we truly set ourselves free.
Free to be, free to live.
Whatever we choose, the choice is ours… Or should I say yours. Keep in mind as always, with choice comes responsibility. So consider what you hold in your space creates your life. As we begin this new year, I challenge each of you to create the best life possible for yourself. I invite you to let go of each thing holding you back from being the best version of you, so that the world may experience the real you and all you have to offer. Give yourself the space you need to ignite your fire.
This year I wish for us all to laugh more and think less, to stop surviving and start living.  Awaken your inner child; go out, play, and create the life YOU want.
From M.E. to you…