Coastal Living names two Beaufort spots among 'Best Seafood Restaurants in SC'

Coastal Living names two Beaufort spots among 'Best Seafood Restaurants in SC'
Coastal Living recently named St. Helena’s Shrimp Shack and Lady’s Island’s Steamer as two of the best seafood restaurants in South Carolina. Photo: Shrimp Shack’s famous shrimp burger

Coastal Living Magazine, ever the Beaufort-cheerleader, has recently compiled a list of the must-visit seafood spots along the entire SC coast and has picked two local spots to sit on the honorable list of ‘The Best Seafood Dives in South Carolina’.

“With nearly 200 miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that South Carolina plays host to dozens of must-try seafood restaurants,” the magazine article said as it listed out what they consider to be the best seafood the Palmetto State has to offer.

St. Helena Island’s Shrimp Shack comes in at #7 on the list, deservedly so, and actually could’ve ranked higher but we’re naturally biased.

Taking note of the Gay Fish Company across the street from the restaurant, Coastal Living said, “the owners have been shrimping since 1945, and their boats supply the restaurant. So what you gonna order?”

“All the shrimp dishes are great, but the shrimp burger shines above them all.”

And coming in at #8 on the list is the decades-old Steamer Oyster & Steakhouse on Lady’s Island.

At Steamers, Coastal Living suggests that you, “start with the seafood bisque and also sample the local favorite Frogmore stew.” They even went as far as to make sure its readers knew that, “it’s not really a stew but rather steamed (boiled) shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob.”

Cosatal Living names steamer one of best seafood restaurants in south carolina
Number eight on the list is Steamer on Lady’s Island, which serves up lots of local seafood. ESPB photo

While Beaufort is full of fantastic restaurants serving local seafood caught by local fishermen, it’s fabulous to see these two tasty local island spots get their due and just reward.

Also on the list were semi-local spots Whaley’s Restaurant & Bar in Edisto Beach and Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks in Hilton Head.

Check out the full list online here.