Community Spotlight: Pleasant Point Plantation

By Will McCullough | Located on Lady’s Island and approximately 15 minutes from the heart of downtown Beaufort, Pleasant Point has long been a top choice for those looking to call our area home.

This waterfront community, which currently consists of 230 homes, offers multiple amenities, to include tennis courts, a pool, a clubhouse and more. In addition, the community borders a beautiful independently operated golf course that offers discounted fees to property owners. All of the above, when combined with a wide assortment of attractive and well maintained homes, makes Pleasant Point a “must see” for those looking to relocate to the area.

However, like countless other communities across the nation, Pleasant Point property owners faced some major hurdles in the late 2000’s as the real estate market softened. Unlike many other communities, the folks of Pleasant Point not only faced these hurdles, they stared them down, overcame them, and are now even better off for doing so.

While technically not a “golf community” (golf course membership is not required of property owners), it’s no secret that the Pleasant Point Plantation's Golf Courseproximity of the golf course has always been an attractive feature for many who might call Pleasant Point home. Unfortunately, around 2006, when the nationwide real estate market went soft, the independently owned golf course went out of business. The course, which borders many of the community’s homes, was neglected and became overgrown, transforming into an eyesore for current residents and into a major hurdle to new prospective buyers.

Property owners took it upon themselves to rectify this situation, purchasing the course, together as a community, around 2009. Then, between the years of 2009 and 2012, they restored the course, remodeled their clubhouse, added a beautiful new pool and then leased out the course to it’s current independant operator. The course, now known as “TGC at Pleasant Point” reopened this past spring and, by all accounts, business has been booming.

The Pleasant Point real estate market continues to flourish as well. There are currently only 13 homes offered for sale in the Pleasant Point Plantation Golf Clubhousecommunity, ranging in asking price from $199k to $1.425 mil. Both those prices, honestly, reflect the extreme, with most homes in the community being offered in the $200k-$400k range.

A special thanks is due to both Pleasant Point resident Tim McCombs and Pleasant Point HOA President John Marsh. While any mistakes potentially made in the writing of this column are mine and mine alone, this particular installment would not have been possible without both of their assistance.


Pleasant Point Plantation is blessed with an abundance of beautiful marsh views





Community Spotlight:  Pleasant Point Plantation









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Will and Deena McCullough
Will and Deena McCullough