Community Spotlight: Royal Pines

By Will McCullough | Located on Lady’s Island and only 10 minutes from downtown Beaufort, the community of Royal Pines has been called home by many residents of the area over the last 40 years. Characterized by it’s larger than average lot sizes. low optional HOA fees and mature landscaping, Royal Pines offers residents, reflected by folks at all stages of life, a sense of quiet and personal privacy while still maintaining a strong feeling of community.

The Royal Pines development, which now consists of over 600 homes, was launched in 1969 at the kitchen table of Lt Col and Mrs Walter Rodgers. Feeling that many soon to retire military officers would find the location ideal due to the area’s climate as well as it’s proximity to the facilities offered by PISC, MCAS and the Naval Hospital, the Rodgers began marketing their dream to others via theirCommunity Spotlight:  Royal Pines personal address book and a manual typewriter. Despite many naysayers, some of whom mocked them for attempting to develop an area “of interest to only alligators, snakes and the growers of pine trees and watermelons”, the development took off and, within a few years, many began calling Royal Pines home. The clubhouse and golf courses were developed and the streets eventually paved and lit.

While ownership of both the development and the courses has changed hands several times over the years, Royal Pines has consistently remained a top choice for local housing.

A first time visitor driving through the community will discover an eclectic yet tasteful mix of well maintained homes reflecting popular design styles from 70’s through the present day. The Royal Pines real estate market remains robust with 27 homes currently on the market and 35 homes sold in the community over the last 12 months. Current asking prices in the neighborhood range from $155,000 to $520,000.

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COmmunity Spotlight on Royal Pines







Community Spotlight on Royal Pines by Will McCullough








Will & Deena McCullough
Will & Deena McCullough