Community Yoga returns to downtown's Waterfront Park

By Megan Howe |  To me, there is nothing more tranquil than practicing yoga outside with good company and the beauty of nature all around. Last summer, I often chose to practice in the middle of our backyard, under the beating rays from the sun. I loved feeling the wind blow as I reached my arms up to the sky and almost each time I looked up, I could see birds fly overhead. I have always loved practicing outside with a group of yogi’s; all experiencing nature together and sharing out mutual love for yoga.

Last Sunday, Dancing Dogs Yoga held their weekly Outdoor Community Yoga class, at Hunting Island State Park and invited everyone to join them for yoga on the beach. Eagerly, I jumped at the opportunity and even brought my family along for the fun. We arrived in front of the lighthouse about thirty minutes before class began, walked out to the beach, and immediately wanted to cool off in the salt water. The sun was high and the heat intense, but that’s how we like it… HOT! I rolled out my mat–ahem towel, pressed my hands and feet into the earth, and ignited my breath. As I inhaled, I felt the crisp salt air fill my lungs and a smile was permanently glued to my face. Rising up for mountain pose, my ears begin to take notice of the familiar sounds; birds chirping, children laughing, and waves crashing. I opened my eyes and took a moment to experience the scenery; rays of golden sunshine, seagulls flying above, water for miles. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Savasana, also know as Corpse Pose or deep rest, was simply amazing. While my body rested on the earth, my senses took in all that was around me and I awoke craving more.

Thankfully, I am in luck and so are you! Dancing Dogs Yoga will be holding their weekly Outdoor Community Yoga class in downtown Beaufort at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, under the pavilion, this Sunday, from 4-5pm.

This class is FREE!  Donations will be accepted with 100% of all proceeds going to benefit Africa Yoga Project, “an organization creating transformation, empowerment, and change through the practice of yoga”. (To learn more about Africa Yoga Project, please click here.) Owner of Dancing Dogs Yoga and Certified Baptiste Teacher, Shelley Lowther has decided to take the meaning of community to a brand new level and is giving you the chance to experience not one, but THREE teachers during this class!

What are you waiting for? Grab your mat, a bottle of water, and a few friends and meet the Dancing Dogs Yoga team downtown for Outdoor Community Yoga!  These outdoor events will culminate on September 9 with, Yoga Aid for Africa Yoga Project, a huge event at the Waterfront Park. Yoga practitioners and studios around the world gather together in karma yoga. This is our part in a worldwide effort as 20,000 yogis from 20 counties come together to raise $1 million for charity. Attend a live DJ yoga party with vibrations that will be felt around the world! You are guaranteed to have an amazing day of yoga and connection to Community. For more information please click here.