Downtown's Lollipop Shop sold, new owner looks to bright future

Keep the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Caramel Cremes coming.  Effective February 1st, downtown Beaufort’s The Lollipop Shop will have new owners, but don’t fear, the Jelly Bellys, Pixi-Stix, taffy, AND the gumdrops are all safe.  Owner Cindy Jacobus has sold the popular store to Dianna and Lundy Baker, who are looking forward to taking over next week, without changing much of anything.

“We’re keeping everything the same”, Lundy said.  “You’ll be able to get the same amazing selection of goodies, in addition to vintage toys, birthday parties and fun.  Our family is very, very excited about this.”

The Lollipop Shop boasts a gazillion different kinds of candy, and has become a downtown favorite.  You’ll find common candy, a wide assortment of Pez, candy-by-the-pound, Rock Candy Pops, Pucker Powder, and bulk Jelly Belly jelly beans and bulk M&Ms.  You’ll find old-fashioned candy, chocolate gold coins, Pop Rocks, and our favorite, Bazooka bubble gum.  You know…with the comic strip inside.

“One thing we’ll definitely do is work with other downtown businesses”, Baker said.  “We plan to offer carriage rides with one of the local carriage companies as part of one of our birthday party packages, in addition to themed birthday parties with characters and lots more.”

The store was originally opened in 2008 by Cindy’s husband, Glenn, and was an instant hit with the kids, and yes adults too, boasting an interior with striking contrasts of vibrant colors ranging from bright reds and yellows to pastel greens and pinks, candy old and new, old-fashioned toys, and a great personality. “We’re happy to carry Glenn’s dream forward”, Lundy said.

We love our Squirrel Nut Zippers and Caramel Cremes.