Find the benefits of therapeutic yoga

Yoga is a mind-body form of exercise that helps you relax and get fit. Once you begin practicing regularly, you may notice a variety of therapeutic benefits, both physically and mentally. Yoga is an excellent alternative when treating chronic health conditions. The physical practice of yoga is also a gentle, effective way to stay active.

Some of the chronic illnesses yoga is beneficial in treating and offering relief are depression, insomnia, and fatigue. Yoga can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Because yoga combines movement and a concentration of your breathing, it allows you to focus both on what your body is physically doing and what is happening internally. It can help you release tension and stay physically active, which will also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Doing yoga is an act of meditation as well as movement, yoga helps you to quiet your mind and forget about the stresses of your day. If you suffer from chronic pain, the gentle movements and stretching of yoga may actually help to relieve your pain. Performing the poses and transitions increases your strength and flexibility, making your muscles more toned and pliable. It can also stretch the ligaments around your joints, and therefore may help with conditions like arthritis and reduce associated discomfort.

The practice of physical postures, yoga and scoliosis treatment go hand in hand because it facilitates a stretching of the body that helps promote a normal spine shape. While a personal yoga practice formulated for the specific needs of an individual patient are most beneficial there are also certain poses that have been found to be particularly useful in the treatment of scoliosis. These would include poses called the Supine knee chest twist, the Crocodile twist, and Cat-Cow, to name a few. While these yoga postures can offer great relief it’s also important that you cultivate your own practice as you become more familiar with the discipline, since no one else can really tell what you are feeling and experiencing. Your instructor would however be in the best position to guide you.

Yoga scoliosis therapy is not simply beneficial because of the obvious physical effects. It also helps psychologically, empowering patients and giving them hope and belief. This combination of physical healing and psychological benefits improves the quality of life. Any patient who takes up the practice of yoga for scoliosis must however have a great deal of commitment and dedication.

Charity Holland LMT, RYT  at Lowcountry Balanced Body said, “therapeutic yoga works towards correcting dysfunction in a certain area or areas in the body. Whether it’s a hip, neck, or a back issue there are sequences and poses that can help open you up and change the dysfunctional patterns in the muscular structure. The body can heal itself through the students dedicated practice and a qualified teacher to guide them on their journey.  I have watched several private yoga therapy clients change not only their muscular patterns but their life choices, which in turn, creates a more healthy way of living life.”

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Charity also teaches classes at The Studio fitness and Nutrition Center in Beaufort’s Uptown District, and at Yoga Chandra Center for the Healing Arts on Lady’s Island. 

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