Forecast calling for snow this week in Beaufort (w/photos)

Snow in Beaufort.  Yes, that is entirely possible this upcoming week according to just about every single weather forecaster from Maine to Baja, California it seems.  The Beaufort area is currently under a Winter Storm Watch issued by the National Weather Service.  Local and national weather forecasters are saying that warm moist air will be coming up from the Gulf and colliding with a polar jet stream that is moving south and the result of that collision is, yes, snow, sleet and rain on the way for beautiful Beaufort, SC.

Over the past few days, everyone who predicts the weather thought it was possible and now all the models are agreeing a wintery mix is on the way possibly by Tuesday afternoon, with sleet and then snow into Tuesday evening & overnight.

What it if does snow?  Oh no! We aren’t prepared for it.  We don’t have salt trucks or snow plows.

Not to worry.  If it does, we should expect a few beautiful inches to cover our palm trees, lawns, and magnificent live oaks…then it will go away in a matter of hours or perhaps a day.

If the power goes out, then that’s a whole other story.

Along with the forecasted snowfall are a slew of warnings that you should listen to.  Sometimes the power goes out in the area for an extended period of time.  Make sure you have a plan.  Make sure you have an alternative heat source.  Listen for updates as time draws near. Driving conditions will be dangerous, if not impossible. So, please don’t plan to be on the roads.

On a lighter note, ultimately if it does snow we will all refer to it as “the time is snowed back in 2014”.

Just like the snow around Christmas 1989 that we all refer to. Or back in 1973. Or, just like in 2010, when snowmen showed up all over social media from happy folks in Beaufort when we got about two inches of the white stuff that was gone in a matter of hours.

It’s fun.  If it indeed does come, enjoy it.  It doesn’t come often enough. And for that, we may just be thankful.

Keep in touch with the forecast from The Weather Channel, and look for any local news and info at The Beaufort Gazette.