Full Moon Coming Halloween Night

Come October 31, the tides aren’t the only thing that will be high – spirits and the moon will be, too.

This Halloween, we will experience the first full moon since 2001 – prior to that, we didn’t experience one since 1982. 

As the look of Halloween will change this year due to COVID-19, still take part in other spooky pastimes by the fire and under this rare full moon.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Ogiony

Interestingly enough, this night will also be another night of exception, as it is the month’s second full moon, also known as a “Blue Moon” – orange slices optional!

These full moons on Halloween follow a pattern of 19 years, so don’t worry, if the sky is cloudy, we will have another chance to experience one in 2039. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and pour a mug of hot cider and turn on spooky music and let’s see how high this full moon flies!

Photo courtesy of Andrea Ogiony