Goats getting care at local animal wildlife sanctuary after severe attack

It wasn’t good for this herd of goats but an amazing local group of animal lovers are working around the clock to get these survivors back on their feet. Beaufort County Animal Services saved as many as they could after 19 goats were attacked in the Grays Hill area by either dogs or coyotes. These survivors are currently being bottle fed and getting great care at Lauras Little Critter Barn.

A huge and I mean huge thank you to Dr. Parker, Dr Reynolds and staff with Coastal Veterinan Clinic, and our goat whisperer Laura Sterling, and Dr. Dessie Carter’s Staff. Sweet Laura is bottle feeding and caring for the wounded and please thank her for all the rehabilitations she does for our community. We all need more Laura’s!!! ~ Tallulah King McGee, Beaufort County Animal Services

Laura’s Critter Barn is a non-profit rescue, rehab and sanctuary for animals of all kinds. They offer immediate and long term support & safety for the animals in our care. They also seek to educate the public to become better stewards for animals.

I’m so thankful for Tallulah King McGee and our Beaufort County Animal Services. There is no better heart. I pray they have nothing but peace from this day forward and will do everything in my power to insure it. ~ Laura Sterling, Lauras Little Critter Barn

You can make a donation to help by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/funding-the-farm

Checks may be written & mailed to:

Lauras Little Critter Barn
113 Foreman Hill Road
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910

Laura’s Little Critter Barn a non profit animal rescue organization so contributions to them can be used under the IRS Code 501c(3) codes for Charitable Deductions.

Be sure to follow on Facebook as well for updates on the goats.

Photos courtesy of Tallulah King McGee

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