Helping a Beaufort Family: Jahleel Witter's story

Nothing brings our wonderful Beaufort community together more than when someone is in need. Recently, a local family has lost it’s mother after an illness and an 18 year old young man is now in charge of raising his younger sibling, and forced into being an adult way before his time.

Jahleel Witter needs our community’s help.

Jahleel is the oldest son of Sandra Witter (who has recently passed), and the older brother and now caretaker of 14 year old Corey Witter. He’s a recent graduate of Beaufort High School, a current full time student at the Technical College of the Lowcountry and also works a 50 hour/week job to support his family.

The family of three moved to Beaufort several years ago and the boys took care of their mother during her illness. Without any other close family in the area, as we see all too often nowadays, they are now left on their own.

Jahleel is now faced with a daunting task. He has to file for official guardianship for his little brother, figure out what to do about housing, ensure the health and welfare of Corey, and continue both working and going to school full time (where he has maintained an immaculate GPA).

Concerned folks in Beaufort have started a fundraising effort for Jahleel and Corey to help provide them with what is at this time in their lives.  The co-owner of a professional counseling service came forward to mentor Jahleel and Corey, and Beaufort County’s Human Services Coordinator set forth a program including a checklist of issues that may need to be addressed.

A new website has been created to assist in fundraising and to receive the donation of certain items the young men will need to set up their home. Visit to learn more.

They say a good deed brightens a dark world. Indeed…it really does.

Helping a Beaufort Family: Jahleel Witter's story