In every breakdown, there is opportunity for breakthrough

By Megan Howe | As humans, we are all created equal and essentially, this makes us all the same. (Keyword being essentially. I do have my doubts about whether some humans are, in fact, human, but we’ll save that story for another time.) Throughout our lives we each face hardship, discomfort, and we all make mistakes. What makes us individually different is how we choose to respond to mistakes.
Some choose to ignore their mistakes, place blame on others, and never accept their own faults. I, unfortunately, have had the opportunity to know a rare few who choose to pretend they do no wrong and preach about being a good human, yet choose to intentionally live on a witches broom spreading nothing but negativity everywhere they go.
In my opinion, when it comes down to responding to mistakes, the most sincere humans choose to act bravely. They admit their wrongdoings and take responsibility for their actions?
Where, might you ask, do I choose to live?
Though the road may not always be easy, I choose to be brave, live in action, and openly take responsibility for my mistakes.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always chosen to live this way.
Before I began practicing yoga, each time I made a mistake I would breakdown and sulk in self pity. I had filled my life with anger and sadness, and I rarely made time for the people I love most; my family and friends. I was living a selfish life and I often felt very alone.
I had become numb to life and I needed to wake up… I turned to yoga.
Through my yoga practice I have learned to live in action and to continuously choose growth, which keeps me constantly moving forward in my life. My teacher, Baron Baptiste, has taught me that in every breakdown, there is an opportunity for breakthrough.
Most recently, my biggest breakdown has been dealing with the loss of my father. Losing one of my parents has been challenging to move through, but it has given me the opportunity to grow and to practice implementing a new way-of-being in my life. Living in action takes practice and I can read every self help book ever written, but if I do not practice the lessons I have learned and create a new way of being for myself, I will continue to live stuck in my life.
I invite you to live in action. Whether you make a mistake, face hardship, or embrace challenge, know that you choose how you respond. I invite you to practice choosing positive action and empower others in your life to do the same.
From M.E. to You… Namaste.