JCT pulls thousands of dollars from ceiling and walls, donates it to Veterans

Dollars Come Down…Johnson Creek Tavern donates their ‘wall dollars’ to veterans

When you walk into the Johnson Creek Tavern on Harbor Island the first thing that hits you is the decor. It’s a tradition at the local eatery for patrons, locals and tourists alike, to post a bill (ones, fives, tens or twenties) to the wall or ceiling as a record of their visit to the popular island spot.

And many have.

Thousands have. Literally.

It was time for the money to come down on Saturday as the Tavern removed the thousands of dollars and again plans to donate them all to the Honor Flight Network, which pays to transport WWII Vets to memorials in Washington, D.C. that have been erected in their honor.

The staff and some volunteers worked over the past week or so to take them all down from the walls and ceilings of the two dining rooms in the restaurant., and the task was completed on Saturday. This year they are estimating over 11,000 to be collected. The last time they took the bills down, it was over $17,000 and the time before that, it was over $13,000.

That’s fantastic.

Tavern owner Jay Lloyd said, “It’s an honor to be able to make a contribution to such a great cause, our Veterans. We want to thank everyone for their help taking them down and we want to thank all of the amazing customers for their donations and assistance.”

Did you have a dollar stapled to the wall at JCT? We know we did.

And, we’re glad to see it went to such a worthwhile cause.

Visit the Johnson Creek Tavern here.

Photos by Ginger Wareham, ESPB