Keeping up with creativity at Beaufort River Glass

By Emily Scott Pack | I had the opportunity to pop by Beaufort River Glass this week and I’m so pleased that I did. Ive been dying to go in ever since they relocated to West Street in Downtown Beaufort last February.

I opened the door to find quite the buzz going on, something completely different than I expected. I imagined it would be a quiet and very hands off, do no touch type of space that was filled with incredibly fragile glass pieces and works of art. I was so surprised to walk into a space full of energy and life as people bounced around up and down ladders and all over the place. Jennifer Wenk, the owner, introduced herself and welcomed me into the space and explained very enthusiastically that they were hanging a new show that will open this Friday, July 1 st from 5-8pm.

Jennifer is very excited about Beaufort River Glass being a part of the First Friday events that Downtown Beaufort Galleries are participating in. She says she wants to keep it going and I believe she will do just that. She has artists booked from now until January with Solo Shows. She works alongside her assistant Megan Wilson to curate the one man shows.

Both ladies were stirring with energy about this Friday’s opening of “Beholding Nature”, featuring Eric Horan. Eric is a brilliant photographer that shares his passion of the low country through landscapes, seascapes and spectacular birds and animals. His pristine works of nature and the environment around us are truly remarkable.

brg3I was able to chat with Jennifer for a few minutes in between art pieces going up and down and I’m so glad I got to catch her in her element of curating. You can see she truly loves the arts and gives so much time and energy to support artist.

She is a New Yorker born and raised and got this art bug from growing up with her mother as a poet. When asking her if she creates as well, she answered with “No, I don’t do anything, nothing creative I mean.”

But, she does in fact. She brings the arts and artist into the public light. She has one of the most important jobs to artist and in the community.

Jennifer said she loves having so many artist on display in her shop because each artist shines in a new light when displayed in a new way or with a new purpose. Her favorite part of having Solo shows is the behind the scenes work of re-merchandising the entire store to match the current artists. This is such a great way to bring different artists to the forefront and let her inner creative out too.

When you visit Beaufort River Glass you will be able to find art from any one of the 50 nationwide artists that she represents. She has local art as well with one of my favorites from Todd Lent who creates glass like sculptures, vases, platters, and jewelry from recycled plastic. His works are from the collection Coral Reflections and definitely worth the trip to see and feel them. Other amazing functional art to include wind chimes made with everything from an orange juice bottles to vodka bottles. They look and sound beautiful. The Soap Rocks will trick your brain and all the jewelry is a must have! There are watercolors on display, hand painted stationary, glass blown vases, glass ornaments, and beautiful glass mosaics created by the talented Skylar Sullivan. I cant wait to see more of his work in the future and more from Beaufort River Glass.

Make sure to stop by on Friday and see the local art on display. Eric Horan’s work is worth the trip and stopping in to meet Jennifer is a must!