Lady's Island Christmas light display out of this world (w/video)

This is just cool. Every year at Christmastime the Cadd family on Lady’s Island builds a light display that invites folks from all over to come by and catch the spirit with a synchronized display that oohs and awes to Christmas songs including Jingle Bells, Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Wizards in Winter, It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, Music Box Dancer, and more.

Christmas spirit anyone? This will definitely help you get into the mood.

For first timers, they’re located over on James F. Byrnes Drive in Royal Pines and the house is visible when you’re traveling north on Sams Point Road (SC802). Parking usually can be found along the side of the road, and folks who visit are asked to please remain in their driveway and off the grass.

We asked David and Amanda why they do this every year: “We do it because it’s fun. We love that people love it and we enjoy the looks on the childrens’ faces each and every time,” they said. “Christmas is magic.”

“We try and add a new feature to it each year, and this year we have snow. It snows in our driveway,” David said. “So come on by and take a look.”

When asked how their electric bill is affected, David smiled and said, “no comment.”

It doesn’t really matter to them. They look at it as their gift to others and to the kids in the community.

While you’re out looking for great Christmas displays, don’t miss this magical spot. The kids will LOVE it!

Here’s some 2015 video of the synchronized Christmas light display and the 1974 hit song, Music Box Dancer, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Wizards in Winter. Both are amazing displays.




Enjoy some more photos too…


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