'Last cabin standing' at Hunting Island coming down forever

'Little Blue', the last cabin standing at Hunting Island will be coming down by the end of this year.  Photo by Amy Kerby
‘Little Blue’, the last cabin standing at Hunting Island, will be coming down by the end of this year. Photo by Amy Kerby

The ‘last cabin standing’ along the beach at Hunting Island State Park will be coming down by the end of the year, according to local reports. Built in 2003, the cabin is the lone reminder of a time that saw several cabins lining the beach making memories for visitors to Hunting Island.

According to reports in the Beaufort Gazette, the State Park Service stated that the cabin will come down most likely in the fall of 2016, and definitely by the end of the year.

Next to the famed Hunting Island Lighthouse, the lonely cabin which is now several yards offshore due to recent beach erosion, is the single most photographed attraction at the beach and quite perhaps one of the most photographed locations in all of South Carolina. Local photographers and tourists alike use it as a centerpiece to create beautiful, and sometimes sad, artwork. We’ve even included it in our article proclaiming The Seven Wonders of Hunting Island Beach.

If you haven’t seen it in person, get out to the south end of Hunting Island Beach as soon as you can.


Head over to the Beaufort Gazette for the full story here.


Enjoy some photos taken of the cabin recently by some of our area’s talented photographers.

Photo courtesy Megan Weller Photography
Photo courtesy TFH Photography
Aerial photo courtesy Megan Weller Photography. It clearly shows the plight of the last cabin along the beach.