Local artist's painting to raise money for Relay for Life

An auction for a special painting will be held at the Beaufort Relay for Life event at Beaufort Middle School from 7pm to 7am on April 27th.

Based on a t-shirt design created by local Relay for Life event organizer, Linda Arp, in which each ribbon represents a different type of cancer that is being fought, local artist Mary Thibault was asked to recreate the design on canvas for a special auction to raise finds for Beaufort’s Relay for Life.

Charlie Holley, spokesperson for Beaufort Relay for Life said of the auction, “The bidding will start at $500 and go up in $50 increments. It is on the 2012 Relay for Life Beaufort, SC Facebook page  and people can bid right there from now through April 27. Also, we hope to have the painting auctioned off live at the Relay event.  The live auction is planned for 9:00 pm on April 27th.”

Starting the auction on Facebook, and allowing Facebook users to bid on the painting as a live auction is going on, is an inventful way to allow everyone to get involved.  Charlie went on to say “we’ll have computers there, so anybody can bid on Facebook and we will place their bid at the auction on their behalf.”
“Mary did a wonderful job on the painting, and we could not be more pleased.”

Relay for Life Beaufort, SC will be held at Beaufort Middle School on Mossy Oaks Road.  It will be held at the football field from 7:00pm-7:00am.  A lot of people don’t understand what Relay for Life really is.  It is about friends in the community getting together to Celebrate More Birthdays.   Anybody that has been touched by cancer will love the event.  There is food, jumps, a dunk tank, video games.  It is truly a fun event for any age.

For more info on the local event, or to donate, or register, click here.