Local Music: Coastal Shifters 'End of Summer Tour' this weekend

Bu Mary Ellen Thompson | The Coastal Shifters reunite for their “End of Summer 2013 Coastal Tour” this weekend. Beaufort High Tidal Waves native boys, Jimmy Sauls, Wes Johnson, Robert Kirkland, and Eddie Hutto will perform Friday night at The Back Porch Grill from 7 – 10, and at the Foolish Frog on Saturday night from 8 – 11. This band is not to be missed! Long time buddies since high school where they all played football, now they all play music. Wes Johnson on guitar and vocals, is a professor in Mississippi; Robert Kirkland lives in North Carolina where he plays in a big band; Eddie Hutto on lead guitar and vocals will be playing on Friday but not Saturday night as his band in Edisto Beach has a previous engagement; and Jimmy Sauls, of the former Marshland Party Band, will be on drums and vocals.

Wes Johnson is a songwriter and has written many of the songs they will play this weekend, and his cd’s will be for sale. All the songs are about the Lowcountry so don’t miss favorites such as: Lowcountry Woman Blues
“I like to play the music
I like to stay the night
I like them Lowcountry women, Lord
They know to treat you right
Lord knows, they treat you right…”

Or his songs about Richard, “Driftwood” Corey, Dr. Buzzard, the Edisto River,
and then there are the love songs: Who You Gonna Call –
“What ‘cha gonna do when they set you free?
What you gonna do when they open the gate?
Who you gonna call to dance with you?
Will you be there and treat me right?
Will you hold me close and be there all night?
Who you gonna call to dance with you?…”

I personally love the concept that if someone is set free, his first thought would be about with whom he is going to dance. So, put on your party shoes and come on over to the Back Porch tonight and the Foolish Frog Saturday night to hear the Coastal Shifters on the last nights of their summer tour.

Local Music: Coastal Shifters 'End of Summer Tour' this weekend. Photo by Mary Ellen Thompson