Locals take part in Lt. Dan Ride

By Gail Ankney |  Palm Key in Ridgeland is a place for rest and relaxation for many severely wounded veterans during Beaufort’s Lt. Dan Weekend.  Veterans are brought to the resort to take part in activities such as fishing, kayaking and simply enjoying the beauty of the area.  These warriors are flown in from all over the United States for this retreat and to take part in the festivities of the area.

On September 15th, over 100 motorcycles showed up at Palm Key with flags flying to escort the Veterans to the Downtown Beaufort Area where they were fed dinner and then treated to Beaufort’s Lt. Dan Band Concert where they were honored for their service.

The motorcycle escort began last year with only 46 motorcyclists in attendance and was such a huge success that it became an annual event.  This year’s escort more than doubled in participants and was by far one of the most emotional rides I have ever been on.

As the police escorted the group-ride rode through Beaufort, cars were pulling off the road, stopping and taking pictures.  Children were waving.  It was a very moving scene to watch.  One of the most amazing things was looking before you and seeing nothing but motorcycles, and then looking in the mirror and still the same thing.  This ride was not limited to Harley’s, all bikes were welcome and it was truly a sight that will not be forgotten soon.

Us locals got to be a part of it.


Here are some photos of the ride, courtesy of a motorcycle-mounted camera…