Loggerhead Sea Turtle rescued from tide pool on Fripp Island

A mama Loggerhead Sea Turtle confused and circling around large tidal pool for hours on Fripp Island beach

Sea turtle advocate & volunteer Pebbles Turbeville was out on her morning patrol this past week and came upon a mama loggerhead confused and circling in a deep tidal pool. Thankfully, other members from the Fripp Island Loggerhead Patrol and other beachgoers quickly came to the rescue.

Together, they were able to carefully lift her out of the deep tidal pool and direct her back to the ocean where she belongs. It is remarkable and heartening to know that all of these amazing humans are committed to helping our Lowcountry sea turtles at any moment.

Fripp Island Loggerhead Sea Turtle Patrol rescue - Photo by Pebbles Turbeville
Fripp Island Loggerhead Sea Turtle heading back to the ocean after rescued from tidal pool on the beach – Photo by Pebbles Turbeville

Just a reminder that our South Carolina sea turtle season runs until Oct. 31. SCDNR says beachgoers can help the state’s sea turtles by keeping beaches clean, turning beachfront lights out to avoid disorienting turtles, and giving all sea turtles and nests a wide and respectful distance when encountered on the beach.


If you find an injured sea turtle, please call SCDNR’s 24-hour hotline 1-800-922-5431 and please be prepared to stay with it until help arrives.



Photos & video sent to ESPB by our friend Pebbles Turbeville.
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