Lowcountry Food: Where We're Eating This Month

It’s December, which means thicker layers and heartier meals. 

The Pecan Pie Cheesecake at Buss’ Creamery • Photo from Buss’ Creamery Facebook

This month’s slogan has been deemed “Stop in the Name of Comfort Food,” as come January 1, we will probably all be singing a different tune when it comes to what we put on our plate.

In that spirit, let’s dive into all the deliciousness December has to offer.

Buss’ Creamery

Yes you’ve heard of them, and now, you’ve got to try them. Bring one of these cheesecakes to a holiday party or your own dinner table, and trust us, it’ll bring a smile to every face who grabbed a forkful. 

The Smokehouse at Paris Avenue

Simply put, The Smokehouse just never misses. Everything from the main courses to the fixin’s is something to write home about – we’re looking at you, Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Oh, and be sure to save room for the red velvet cake and banana pudding. 


This new restaurant is making a name for itself in the short time it’s been open – swing by and grab the chicken biscuit with hot honey, the biscuits and gravy or basically, anything that includes their biscuits. 

Hearth Wood Fired Pizza

We all know the debate over whether pineapple on pizza gets pretty heated, but try the Hawaiian at Hearth and it may just make you a convert (or even stronger believer). Pair that with a glass of their silent but deadly (and equally delicious) sangria, and you’re in for a great night. 

Fish Camp on 11th Street

Here’s the secret – go on Sundays to get the chef special that almost always includes Fishcamp’s special hash. Going on another day of the week? You can’t go wrong with the Salmon, deviled eggs (off the bar menu!) or shrimp and polenta. 

Article by ESP Beaufort Editor, Allie Moorman.