Lowcountry Produce: All the perks of a country kitchen in Historic Downtown Beaufort

Lowcountry Produce: All the perks of a country kitchen in Historic Downtown Beaufort

If you are looking for a taste of the Lowcountry, look no further than Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe in the heart of downtown Beaufort.

Lowcountry Produce started collecting regional and family recipes years ago – canning and preserving local favorites. In addition to the delicious handmade products that Lowcountry Produce offers, it also delivers great breakfast and lunch menus, and our tourist-friends get a nice sample of the local cuisine.

Immediately upon entering the building at 302 Carteret Street, you are welcomed by enormous window laced walls allowing an abundance of light to shine in. If it’s a little busy when you enter and you have to wait for a small amount of time, fear not, there are a million things to look at (and take home, too!) Their goods for sale range from a choice of spices, spreads, fresh produce, fresh baked breads, and even fresh cut meats – all to be sure to add punch to your palate.

Prepare to be transported back into Grandma’s kitchen for breakfast with southern favorites like biscuits and gravy, housemadeLowcountry Produce's Greek Hero granola, or sample some of their fresh baked yeast donuts. The prices are quite favorable, too, with the capability of a belly satisfying feast costing you between seven and ten dollars.

Lunch is nothing short of a delight. The menu houses many midday favorites ranging from salads and sandwiches to burgers and hot dogs with every item on the menu coming in under ten dollars.
Lowcountry Produce's Salad Trio SamplerThe choices were all so appealing, and after much consideration (and the right mind to bring friends so I could snack on as many things as possible) we decided on getting the salad trio sampler, the Greek Hero and my favorite, the Oooey Gooey. Every item was made to order, colorful, and filled with fresh ingredients. The salad trio consisted of egg, tuna and chicken salad on a bed of greens that required no additional dressing. The flavors alone were agreeable, however, when mixed together: brilliant. The Greek Hero with a side of macaroni salad was a close second to the Oooey Gooey – a generous amount of steak and peppers on pita that melts instantly in your mouth. And lastly, the Oooey Gooey not only has the coolest name, but the most amazing flavors packed into such a small sandwich. Pimento cheese, and bacon create the bulk with an added taste of housemade garlic-pepper jelly melting together creating a truly “Oooey Gooey” treat.

Lowcountry Produce sometimes opens it’s doors on Saturday nights for special dinners where you can choose your own cut of steak from their deli section while enjoying a glass of wine and snacking on oysters at their oyster bar. When they do, it’s a great idea for a date night or an evening out on the town with friends.

Lowcountry Produce exceeded every possible expectation one could imagine.  The next time you are downtown and in the market for a great sandwich or gifts for friends and family – be sure to check it out!

Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe is located on downtown's Carteret Street






For more information on Lowcountry Produce, you can visit them at www.lowcountryproduce.com

Story by Hannah Morris