Meet Astro: Pet Friendly Beaufort's Pet of the Month for December

Every month, Pet Friendly Beaufort selects a Pet of the Month through a contest on it’s Facebook Page and then profiles each winner right here. Congratulations to Heather Doray and her best friend Astro, winners for Deceember 2013. Thanks to our sponsors, Beaufort Dog, Sea Island Animal Hospital and Haute Diggity Dawg, Astro wins some fantastic assorted prizes.

Without further ado…here are the facts and some Q&A with Astro.

Full Name: just Astro
Breed: Mutt (we did do a DNA test on him and found he is mostly Chow chow but also has boxer, keeshond, boston terrier, bulldog, and Italian greyhound in him)
Age: 10

How did you get him? He was my fiancé’s dog and quickly won my heart and became my dog!  He was perfectly trained when I Astro with his human, Heather Doray of Beaufort.arrived, but I have since managed to spoil him rotten and make him the centerpiece of our family!

Where? My fiancé got Astro from his mom, who had gotten him for free from another family.
Favorite Toy:  He doesn’t really have a favorite toy.  He loves interaction with people and likes to play that way.
Favorite Treat: Snausages
How does he like to spend his time: right on top of you, having his belly scratched
Favorite thing to do:  ride in the car, explore new places
What he hates doing: * Getting in the bathtub.  He does not like getting wet!  We once took him out on the boat with us and he had to be carried down the dock and stayed in the cuddy cabin the entire time!
He also does not like the mail truck or golf carts or anyone who knocks on the front door!
Do you have a special story about him
*He is a fierce lizard hunter, although I wouldn’t say he is very successful.  He can spend an hour scouring the sides of the house or digging under the trash cans outside trying to catch a lizard.
*Many people think he looks mean, and I think it is so unfortunate.  He is a complete sweetheart and if someone got the chance to rub his belly, he would be their friend for life!
*He is my first dog that I have had to care for and has completely changed my life! The happiest minutes of my day are when I come home and sit with him on the front porch.  I will always have a dog because of the wonderful companion he is!  He also inspired me to get involved and sponsor the BHS Animal Welfare Club to help other mutts!
What’s his favorite spot to hang out and have some fun? anyone’s lap! He thinks he is a small dog and can fit!
Merry Christmas Astro!
Meet Astro: Pet Friendly Beaufort's Pet of the Month for December