Meet Jameson: Pet Friendly Beaufort’s Pet of the Month for May 2013

Every month, Pet Friendly Beaufort selects a Pet of the Month through a contest on it’s Facebook Page and then profiles each winner…right here!  Congratulations to Stephanie Alessi Cauley and her best friend Jameson, winners for May 2013.  Meet Jameson…

Full name: Jameson Cauley
Breed: Bloodhound
Age: 1 year

Favorite Toy: Despite the amount of money we spend on actual dog toys, his favorite toy is a plastic water bottle (with the cap removed).

Favorite Treat: Any treat could be classified as his favorite with anything his humans are eating topping the list.

How does Jameson like to spend his time?  Jameson enjoys playing with his sister Chloe (a pit mix) when she’ll allow it, chewing on anything he can get his paws on, sleeping under the bed (although now he’s really too big, but he still scoots under there), howling while anyone is trying to watch TV, following his nose and especially being anywhere he can be off the leash.

What is Jameson’s avorite thing to do?  His easy going nature & friendly personality make it no problem for him to make new friends (humans & canines alike).

Do you have a special story about Jameson?  My husband wanted a bloodhound for sometime, assuming he’d be a lazy, easy going companion. And while he does enjoy his sleep and IS easy going…he has truly been a test of our patience. Bloodhounds, especially as an indoor family pet, aren’t for everyone. They’re rambunctious, stinky, extremely slobbery and STUBBORN. And while Jameson is all those things, he’s also curious, loyal & loving. Did I mention stubborn??


Congrats to Jameson!