Miracles happen: Hunting Island to reopen on October 12th

hispsignnewFantastic news!  Hunting Island State Park is reopening in October with the park’s North beach reopening earlier than expected after damage from Irma back on September 11th. The North Beach will now be open by October 12th, state parks spokeswoman Dawn Dawson-House said during a telephone conversation on Thursday morning.

The campground will remain closed, but park officials and engineers are working to have it back by Thanksgiving at the absolute earliest. South Beach Road and part of North Beach Road will remain closed and a new traffic pattern will be created.

According to Dawson-House, the main reason for closure was the roadways being unfit and unsafe for visitors. The plan is to reroute traffic away from the affected areas to allow the park to reopen. The original exit lane for the park will become the entrance lane and there will be a new exit lane opened to accommodate the traffic.

South beach will remain closed until further notice.