Get up and get moving, Beaufort

By Denice Davis |  From birth, we move.  It is either a small breath or big kicking scream.  We move.  But as we grow, some of us never stop moving, and some of us choose to limit our movements. Are we a lazy society? Are we over indulgers when it comes to food? Well, possibly.  The fact is we are increasingly becoming an overweight society.  Obesity is one the rise in our youth.  Why? Well, there could be many answers to that. However, one could be the lack of movement.

I am a mother of three young boys who, if I let them, would sit on the couch all day and play video games, watch TV, and eat.  Their movement would be slight finger twitches controlling a video game or getting up to get the occasional snack, which would contain more calories than what they would burn in an hour of playing video games and watching the television.  However, my boys are lucky.  Their Mother likes movement.  So we, as a family, get up and move, a lot.

We don’t need to be a sedentary society, and we most definitely do not need to be raising sedentary children.  Your health and wellness will change for the better. If  you add movement to your daily life you will be able to sleep better, feel better, and look better.  The best thing to do for everyone in your family or in your friendly circle is to lead by example. 

Unplug, and get up and move.    No excuses!  

The Beaufort area offers many options and opportunities for families to be active.  The YMCA of Beaufort has fantastic youth sports and camp programs that focus on family, health and well being.  The Y also makes it possible for those who may need financial help by offering scholarships. 

Beaufort County has PALS and Upward that offer youth sports programs like flag football, cheerleading, soccer, baseball, and softball.  For grown-ups with a competitive side there are adult kickball teams and basketball teams.  Stroller Strides is an exercise group available to new Moms.  Higher Ground Outfitters is one of a few local spots that offers kayak and paddle board rentals at reasonable prices. Beaufort’s newest bridge offers a safe walking path for everyone to enjoy.  City Java right in downtown offers bike rentals.  There are so many ways to enjoy Beaufort AND to exercise while you’re doing it. 

The bottom line is we as a society cannot stop moving.  Our life and our children’s lives depend on it.  It is not too late to turn bad habits around.  Let’s take advantage of all the opportunities to get up, get out, and get moving, Beaufort.