Musical Magic at St. Helena's Foolish Frog (w/video)

By Cindy Reid  |   Every Tuesday evening a little bit of Lowcountry magic happens under the stars on the marsh.  That’s because there’s an acoustic jam session held on the deck at Beek Webb’s Foolish Frog restaurant on St. Helena Island, that is… well, a little magical.  Last night was a packed house, even in the intermittent rain. 

From accomplished musicians to enthusiastic newcomers, the jam is open to all players and singers who enjoy making “homemade music”.  Beek Webb, who is of course a well known musician, is there playing his mandolin as are other regulars, such as fiddle player Bonita Wreden (a popular private music teacher to many local children), various members of the Sidestreet Walkers and at least one musician on the washtub.  Harmonicas, banjos, washboards as well as guitars are welcomed and included in the jam.

I mean really, when is the last time you saw anyone playing a washtub?

And if you hang around long enough, you may even get to try it yourself, because it is that kind of atmosphere…warm and inclusive. Last night, a gal vacationing in Beaufort from Toronto, Canada joined in and performed an original song of her own.
You just never know what you’re going to get!  The patrons are a mix of regulars and newcomers too.  Some of us plan our Tuesdays around being on deck at 7pm.  Others wander in for the first time.  Everyone sticks around for at least a song or two. 

This is Beaufort at it’s best… a gathering of musicians who enjoy sharing their gifts with those of us whose best musical gift is one of appreciation. 

If you want to experience old fashioned fun, get yourself down to the Foolish Frog on a Tuesday night at 7pm (the jam usually runs till 9pm) .  If you don’t bring a smile, one will be provided for you…

Here are a couple of videos from last night’s jam.  Mind you, they are not professional (the audio is better than the video!), but we just wanted to give you an idea of what goes on.