Natural Southern Charm of Beaufort's Live Oak Trees

The live oak tree is a southern symbol of strength, which mirrors Beaufort’s strong sense of community, and is a true icon of the South. Beaufort is undeniably beautiful, and these oaks along with their beautiful Spanish Moss paint the background to the daily lives we lead in such a majestic place.

Along the roads, the grey-silver moss hangs nearly everywhere and the live oaks meet together to build natural tunnels and shade with massive main branches spreading out in every direction. The name live oak means the trees are able to survive through winter and remain green.

The Spanish moss that hangs from the trees grows from the branches. The moss gives the live oaks a southern, gothic look, and can appear quite creepy at nighttime resembling a sort of weeping garland. However, during the day the sun shines through the moss which creates a mysterious, yet beautiful glow.

Many historic towns like Beaufort have live oak trees throughout which help provide that southern charm.

The trees can live 200 or more years, and there is a tree in Beaufort that is over 300 years old located on the former Cherry Hill Plantation. A grave belonging to a slave that worked on the plantation many years ago sits below the tree, which measures about 9.5 feet in diameter.

If these live oaks were really alive and could talk, imagine the stories this 300 year old tree, or many of the old trees across the historic Beaufort area, could tell.

When blended so perfectly with the antebellum homes, the marshes and the sea, the live oaks complete Beaufort’s southern charm. Grab a blanket and cuddle up with a favorite book under one of the many beautiful southern live oaks in Beaufort.  It’s what we do here in the Lowcountry.


Natural southern charm in Beaufort's live oak trees
There is a Natural southern charm in Beaufort’s live oak trees. Photo courtesy Phil Heim


The Carolina Shores Oak. The movie 'The War' with Kevin Costner and Elija Wood was filmed IN the tree. Photo courtesy Megan Weller
The Carolina Shores Oak. The movie ‘The War’ with Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood was filmed IN the tree. Photo courtesy Megan Weller


Nothing beats swinging in the shade of an old oak tree. Photo courtesy Yvette Pryor.