A day of fun: Swing sets and sweet tea floats

By Jennifer McCormack | Now that it’s starting to hear up in Beaufort, I’m taking every opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sea side breezes at Pigeon Point Park with my son, Cole. The park is located right off of Boundary Street in Uptown, nestled in the cute little shaded streets of Pigeon Point.

We love this park because it has several play structures that are appropriate for a wide variety of ages. Cole, at the ripe old age of 14 months, is able to easily climb the stairs and go down the slide all by himself on the toddler playground. He also loves to climb in and out of the plastic tree house structure. There are limited swings for younger children, but there is a four-part seesaw with cute animals for the children to ride.

Across from the toddler play structure is another structure with twisty slides, multiple climbing apparatus, and swinging platforms that make for a wobbly challenging way to enter the play structure. Not only is this area great for older kids, but I also have found myself trying to traverse some of its obstacles.

For adults of older children who can play while you watch from a distance, the park has a central brick circle surrounded by bench swings, as well as several other benches and swings placed around the park.

Not only does thePigeon Point Park: A perfect family spot park provide play structures, swings, and slides, but it also has a large open field that would be great for laying out a blanket and having a fantastic family picnic. This area is not shaded, but there are plenty of open spaces, and picnic tables in shaded areas if you would prefer to picnic out of the sun.

The park, for the most part, is fenced in, which provides good barriers for kids, and it is predominantly shaded which is great for hot summer days. (Spanish moss draped trees are just a Lowcountry bonus)  Finally, there are public restrooms which is super important when you want to spend an afternoon at the park.

After playing, we headed down the road to one of our favorite spots, Scout Southern Market. Scout features home decor and gifts that celebrate what makes the south so special. Not only does it offer unique merchandise, but Scout also is home to Beaufort’s very own Sweet Tea Bar, and Cole and I’s favorite: The Sweet Tea Float!

The sweet tea float is Scout’s best seller, and once you try it you will see why. You have the option of sweet or unsweetened tea, with two big scoops of either peach or lemon sorbet. The sorbet alone is a decadent treat, butPigeon Point Park: A perfect family spot when the flavors melt into the tea you can literally taste what makes the south so sweet!

Not only does Cole love to share a float, but he gets really excited about the frosted sugar cookies. The cookies come in several different fun shapes, and are always super fresh, made by the local hands at Two Smart Cookies.

The great thing about Scout is whether you have just left a play date in the park, are stopping downtown after church or are just browsing some of our great local shops, its a great place to stop and shop while satisfying that desire for a true southern treat in a family friendly environment.
What a fun, satisfying day.
Pigeon Point Park: A perfect family spotPigeon Point Park: A perfect family spot