Sarah Mastriani-Levi provides Nutrition for the Soul

Sarah Mastriani-Levi provides Nutrition for the Soul
Sarah Mastriani-Levi provides Nutrition for the Soul

Welcome to Nutrition for the Soul. I’m Sarah Mastriani-Levi, and during the coming weeks I’m going to be covering tips to keep you healthy during the holiday season, some basic, others more complex.

Throughout the years of my work, as a holistic health coach, I’ve learned that not many people authentically know what healthy feels like. In fact, it seems people only realize their bodies when something is “off” or uncomfortable. My goal is to help you bring awareness to your body, to truly take residence. It sounds a bit ironic, but most people don’t behave like they own their bodies. They fill them with foods they have no idea where they came from, or what the ingredients were before they were processed into the food they just ingested. People allow “experts” to tell them what they are feeling or “should” be feeling. Gurus and icons show and tell what happiness feels like, and what healthy looks like. Commercials tell them what they need, in order to feel happy.

Life is not a passive sport. Own your body as your vehicle. You are here for a purpose.

When do you realize your breath?
Do you know how many times (on average) you breathe each minute?
What did the rain smell like today?
When were you silent?
How much pure water did you drink today?
What naturally makes your body relax?
Why are you using to block out quiet, because you’d rather not be alone with your thoughts?Sarah Mastriani-Levi

I want you to bring daily awareness to things such as this, and much more. It is imperative that you begin to listen to the gentle messages your body is constantly giving you in order to remain healthy during what is often considered the most stressful time of the year. Take residence in your body rather than numbing /tuning out with substances that “help” the time or pain to pass. Actively stop the internal chatter to listen to your breath several times throughout the day.

Make a concerted effort to consistently fuel your body with whole foods and plenty of pure hydration. Starving yourself and limiting what your body needs to remain healthy is a recipe for adrenal fatigue and illness. Over-eating is taxing on the body and the digestive system, often leading to acidosis and lasting discomfort. Consider the analogy of your body as your vehicle. If you wanted your vehicle to run in top form during an extreme drive or race, would you fill it with only water and suspiciously cheap gas? Would you pour heavy oil in the gas tank or allow improper fuel to fill the tank? Or would you give it premium quality gas to help it through the intensity? Self-care is no different. We mush fuel our bodies with pure whole foods, organic and locally grown, whenever possible.

What small changes can you commit to, in order to better “fuel your vehicle” through the holidays?
What can you do to create more quiet and become comfortable with the thoughts that arise?
How can you bring more awareness to your body right now, tomorrow and in the weeks to come?

Meet me back here at Eat Sleep Play Beaufort’s column “Nutrition for the Soul” for much more on how you can navigate the holidays in the healthiest way possible.

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