Spouse Warrior Day at Parris Island means putting on their boots

By Hannah Morris |  Standard advice informs us to walk a mile in another’s shoes; however, if you are a spouse of one of our service members – shoes become boots, and miles become much more complex.

Family members of our hometown heroes gathered early Saturday morning for Spouse Warrior Day, sponsored by Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS). Local Marine and Navy dependents over the age of sixteen came together to partake in events that mirror some of the important training and activities that their husbands and fathers have endured over the length of their career. With a personal fear of firearms, I chose to watch from the sidelines; and by doing so missed out on a lot of fun!

Upon arrival, Captain Stuckey gave us a lowdown on the events of the day, which included: being treated like recruits on the yellow steps, repelling off of the training tower, shooting M-16’s, participating in various obstacle courses, (MCMAP) Marine Corps Martial Arts Training, and even a mini Combat Fitness Test course. Spouses joined in the entire day, ending their journey back in formation with an award ceremony and a BBQ party catered by Sticky Fingers.

The weather was favorable, at quite a few degrees cooler than we’ve seen over the past few weeks. This gave the spouses, many of whom were wearing their husbands’ uniforms, or “camis,” a nice break from the heat. We were given a tour of the sites from the comforts of a golf cart by one of Parris Island’s own Drill Instructors who gave us a little history and background on all of the events.

Spouses were treated to sights that many in the public typically don’t get to see; considering majority of their activity took place on part of The Crucible, a 48 mile march (separated by numerous training events) that all recruits take part in before graduation.

All in all, these ladies enjoyed their time walking a mile in their husband’s boots, while all the while growing a little more knowledgeable about the professions their significant others, their heroes, perform on a daily basis in the process.

If you missed out on the happenings of the day, be sure to check it out the next time the experience comes around; I know I will!