What's Pickin? It's Strawberries at Dempsey Farms

By Pat Branning | There is something so simple, yet so very amazing about picking your own strawberries straight off the vine. I love this farm, the smell of the salt-air and the “getting away from it all” feeling. This land is a true working farm and has been in the Dempsey family for generations. The day I went there, Davey Dempsey was busy running the stand and gave us the low-down on the land. “Two generations ago, we opened the fields to the public to “pick” and now strawberries are just the beginning. We’ll soon have cucumbers, eggplant and talk about tomatoes – plenty of tomatoes.”

All you need are comfy shoes and a little sunscreen. They provide the bucket and endless rows of delicous, bright red berries. Harvesting dates depend on weather conditions but berries should be available through the end of May. Before heading out, you may want to call after 9 a.m. for daily updates (843) 838-3656.

Dempsey Farms is located at 1576 Sea Island Parkway, on beautiful St. Helena Island.

Dempsey Farms has rows and rows of strawberries for the pickin'.  Photo by Andrew Branning







Local strawberries from Dempsey's.  Photo by Andrew Branning







Grab a bucket and go pick some of your own at Dempsey Farms.  Photo by Andrew Branning.









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