Submit your ideas & suggestions for TCL's first mascot!

The Technical College of the Lowcountry is seeking ideas from our Lowcountry community for a mascot it plans to create and unveil later in the year.

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The college recently kicked off the process by enlisting the help of faculty, staff, students, and alumni and is now seeking input from the community.

As TCL President Dr. Richard Gough related, while TCL does not currently have a mascot, the idea has come up from time to time.

“Particularly since TCL has grown and expanded in just recent years,” he said. “I believe that’s why we’re hearing more and more from our students, faculty and staff, and those in the community. Now and quite often, I get asked, ‘When is TCL going to get a mascot?’”

The college – which now includes four campuses, including a stand-alone culinary school – can trace its history back to the historic Mather School, formed in 1868 for the daughters of newly freed enslaved people. In 1968, it was given to the state of South Carolina as a trade school and eventually went on to become part of the state’s technical college system.

“It’s perfect timing since it happens to coincide with our 55th anniversary,” Dr. Gough said.



Submit your ideas and suggestions for TCL's first mascot!
Submit your ideas and suggestions for TCL’s first mascot!


Have an Idea? To share your idea, go to and complete a brief survey. The deadline for responses is March 24.

The best ideas – or those that will be given more weight – will be those that relate to the region, said TCL’s Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Leigh Copeland.

“Potential areas of inspiration could include the history of the area or the college, significant people from the region, animals or natural elements from the Lowcountry, or other things that make residents proud to be from our region,” she said.

Ideas will be narrowed down to a small group of finalists. The college and the community will then have an opportunity to vote for their favorites beginning this spring.

TCL expects to unveil the new mascot later in the year after the process is completed and everyone has had a chance to weigh in, Copeland said.

“Ultimately, we want our new mascot to provide a sense of pride and connection for our students, their families, alumni, faculty, leaders, and our community of donors, supporters, and influencers,” she said. “We’re excited to have the community be part of it.”

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