The circus is coming to Beaufort

Tigers, elephants, clowns and a whole lot more are on their way to Beaufort. The circus is coming. Bring the kids and enjoy the Cole Bros Circus under the big top at Habersham on March 25th and 26th and see a variety of traditional circus acts.

Look for the Big Top to be set up in Habersham. Its a biggie too, measuring 136 feet wide by 186 feet long accommodating 560 patrons, with additional seating to host another 1500The circus is coming to Beaufort fans.

Look for two shows each day, at 430 and 730pm.

Considering itself to be the ‘World’s Largest Circus Under the Big Top’ and performing at over 100 venues each year from spring through fall, Cole Bros. Circus tours the U.S. offering a traditional three ring circus complete with clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians and performances by circus artists from three different continents.

Enjoy it, Beaufort. It’s the circus.

We can’t wait.

Visit this link for more information and to buy tickets. Also, you can find a discount coupon as well to save a few bucks.

The circus is coming to Beaufort