The joy of running in Beaufort

By Denice Davis |  Oh, running. It’s one of my favorite things to do, so I must write about it. I wasn’t always a ‘runner’. I used to just run the occasional mile or 3, never more than 3. It was all for the point of exercise, cardio exercise, keeping the pounds off or trying to lose some baby weight. But, somehow after the birth of my 3rd son, and a budding friendship with a ‘runner’ the miles changed and a new found feeling of accomplishment was formed.

Now, I know running or even jogging is not for everyone. However, if you are doing the Sunday jog or occasional run around the block you may have more of a ‘runner’ in you than you think. Did you know that just by changing out your running shoes into ones that are actually meant for your feet and body type can make a world of difference. You may be a pronator (feet and arches turning inward) or a supinator, (feet turning outward). You may have flat feet, tight calf muscles, heel striker, long strider, the list can go on. Finding these things out can be key to your success as a future ‘runner’. It can mean no more pain after running and no pain during your run and even the feeling of not wanting to stop running. I know all of this, because I experienced it firsthand.

I was given friendly advice from my running friends to see a running specialist. So, I contacted Kevin Green at Carolina Sportscare. He gave me a thorough analysis and a runner’s prescription. This included what kind of running shoes that would be best for me, as well as tips to be a successful runner. Shortening my stride, controlling my bounce, cross training and building core strength were his suggestions.

Wow, what a difference that had made. We Beaufort runners are fortunate. Not only do we have Carolina Sportscare for our special needs, but a new running store downtown. Palmetto Running Company. They can fit you for the right running shoe.

Did I mention I love to run?

Today, I am marathoner. I enjoy being out on those long runs with a feeling of ‘road ownership’. There are others in Beaufort that are part of this underground runner’s cult. Familiar faces running the bridges very early in the morning. A friendly wave or nod as you pass the lone runner on a very tight Meridian Rd. Knowing, they too are on a very long run. When I spot mystery cooler on the side of the road or one or two cars in a random parking lot, random frozen water bottles near a sign it means I am not alone on this road. It is a good feeling. There are even times when I drive by someone running on the road and want to pull the car over and join them.

I know I am not the only one.

Beaufort is one of the best places to run. Water views, sunsets over the river, neighborhoods that are not busy with traffic. We are lucky. I am lucky to do my entire marathon training here. Even if it’s a really hot, and humid morning.

I wouldn’t take any other town.

Good luck to all of those runners out there and their Rock in Roll ½ and full marathon training!