2015 in Review: ESPB top ten local stories of the year

ESPB Top Ten local stories of 20152015 was quite a year in Beaufort and we had quite a year telling you what was going on. With weather issues and flooding, to another awesome Water Festival and tons in between, things sure were happening this year in our part of the Lowcountry. Here are the Top 10 most-read articles on eatstayplaybeaufort.com of 2015 according to our website’s analytics reports.

1. Beaufort Slang: How to speak like a local
Full of local terms, local foods and even landmarks-known-by-another-name, Beaufort’s quirky character really shines through in a number of ways. So, we compiled a short list, a dictionary (of sorts) of local terms that you need to know, or may need to refer to when talking to a local.

2. The life of a USMC Drill Instructor
Being a Marine is hard enough but being a Drill Instructor has got to be even tougher. D.I. spouse Ashley Horsley takes a look at the sacrifices that are made and what goes in to being a USMC Drill Instructor.

3. Snow scheduled for Beaufort on Sunday
Back in early December, we told folks it was going to snow in Beaufort. We never meant literal snow falling from the sky, but close enough. The Festival of Trees in downtown Beaufort hosted a snow day and brought in over 10,000lbs of snow for over 500 local kids to play in. It was amazing.

4. The Bucket List: 10 Don’t Miss Beaufort Experiences
We compiled a can’t miss list of ten things you absolutely must see or do while you’re in Beaufort consisting of sea turtles, dolphins and super special locations.

5. Beaufort County Animal Services releases rattlesnake warning
In September, the Beaufort County Animal Services warned locals to protect themselves and their pets after a 3 1/2 foot long Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake was spotted on Lady’s Island in the area behind Publix. Yeah. That’s scary.

6. A collection of Beaufort’s most haunted tales
For Halloween, we compiled a list of Beaufort’s most haunted spots and their ghost stories from the Castle to the Land’s End Light and more.

7. 10 free things to do in Beaufort
4Truth be told, you don;t have to open your wallet wide when you visit Beaufort.

8. Sports themed restaurant coming to Lady’s Island
Word spread fast in October when we reported that the old Barbara Jean’s Restaurant on Lady’s Island was reopening…as a sports bar and restaurant.

9. Beaufort girl attacked by owl in yard
Owls can be brutal, and back in June a local 14 year old girl was attacked by one in her yard over in Mossy Oaks and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

10. Harbor Island Bridge to be replaced in 2017
The end of an era was announced this year when the SCDOT informed everyone that they were launching a $56 million project in 2017 to replace the Harbor Island Bridge that has stood as the gateway to Hunting Island since 1939.

With today being New Year’s Eve….tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Make it a good one, Beaufort.