A look at Beaufort's new Irish Rose Pub and Bistro

There’s some genuine Irish dining at the newly opened Irish Rose Pub and Bistro in Beaufort Town Center.  After opening just a week ago in the spot that held two previous sports-themed establishments, owners Cjira and Jim Presland are excited about what their restaurant has to offer to Beaufort’s diverse culinary scene.   In addition to Artisan Pizzas, salads, and a variety of more traditional lunch and dinner menu choices, The Irish Rose is all about Irish food.  Good Irish food.

“Real Irish food is comfort food”, says Cjira, “and we’re very proud to offer casual and fine dining featuring an Irish menu with elements of true Irish food”.

A visit to the restaurant for dinner shows you enough and makes you wanting to come back for more.  Fancy some Fish and Chips?  It’s served with hand-cut french fries and malt vinegar for fry-dipping.  Try the Irish Rarebit appetizer.  It’s a great blend of Irish cheddar cheese and stout ale, perfectly matched with fresh soda crackers.  Looking for Guiness Stew?  You’ll find it smothered over some perfectly bruleed potatoes.  Or perhaps you’d like to experience a traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie with onions, carrots and ground beef, topped with parmesan potatoes?

You’ll also find crabcakes, shrimp options, burgers and more on the menu, as this is Beaufort, after all.  You can also enjoy a variety of specialty beers and Irish whiskies from the bar. And don’t forget about dessert.  An early favorite has got to be The Irish Rose’s housemade Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake.  It’s an absolute must have, and that’s no blarney!

Taking a few months to remodel, the restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere with a warm and inviting interior and plenty of space to hold a party, too.  Look for Saturday and Sunday Brunch to start soon, and beer tastings to be held in The Irish Rose’s outdoor Beer Garden.

Check out The Irish Rose Pub and Bistro 7 days a week in Beaufort Town Center, 2121 Boundary Street.  You can also visit them on Facebook by clicking here.