Back to school, Beaufort

Aug 20th is the first day back to school for most children in the Beaufort area and it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  School zones will be back in effect as of this morning and buses will be up and down the streets.

Please remember that unless you are on a divided highway and the bus is traveling in the opposite direction, it is the law that you must always stop when a bus is loading or unloading children.  It is also mandatory to slow down to 25mph when children are present in the vicinity of school grounds.

Please make it a point to remember that traffic will be heavier in the morning than usual due to all the students heading back to class, so if you live or work near a school, you may want to leave a few minutes earlier than usual and the same goes for in the afternoon when schools let out between 2:45 and 3:30pm.

When it comes to lunch for the first day of school, in many cases, the school’s reduced or free lunch status has not been determined when school begins so it is very important to remember to either send a packed lunch with your student or enough money to pay for his or her meal.  Children need the nutrients from the mid-day meal to give them the energy needed to finish out their long and busy day.

The first day of school is always a bit chaotic and both parents and students have a tendency to be over anxious, patience is a virtue that really must be practiced on this fun filled and exciting day.  Students, parents, and teachers will need to keep in mind that the first day of school is going to be exhausting for everyone.