To audition, or not to audition: That is the question

By Libby Ricardo | Perhaps you have considered coming out to play with the Beaufort Theatre Company. After all, the theater has received a number of accolades in recent months and it seems like it would be fun to participate in a show.

As the February 3rd and 4th auditions for Blithe Spirit approach, here are some things to consider.

-Theater is fun. It is enjoyable for those who partake as an audience and should be equally enjoyable for those who perform. Blithe Spirit is a comedy. Should you audition and get cast,The Question: To audition, or not to audition you will have the opportunity to make your community laugh.

-Everyone wants you to succeed. I know that stage fright is quite real. In fact, as a performer, I have suffered my fair share of performance anxiety. I find solace in knowing that everyone, from my cast mates to my director right down to the gentleman sitting in Row F, wants for me to do well. If you choose to audition next Tuesday or Wednesday, you can take the stage confident that the director, George Pate, is rooting for you. Should you be cast, you can rest well knowing that the director and your fellow cast members will do everything to ensure the best performance possible, to ensure your best performance.

-Participating in theater is a wonderful way to make friends. You will be engaging in an activity with others who share a like interest. You will make friends. I guarantee it.

-Your time will be respected. As BTC functions as a community theater, the director and production team recognize that this is a project you are committing to on top of all your other obligations. As such, the rehearsal schedule will be organized to best utilize your time.

-Participating in a community theater production helps the community. Beaufort is a wonderful place, not only because of its natural beauty and its rich history, but because its citizens care to make it so. When you agree to perform in a community theater production, you are agreeing to actively engage with the community, to share of your time and talent. You are volunteering your skills in the hopes of connecting with your town.

Auditions for Blithe Spirit will be held February 3rd and 4th from 6:30-8pm at the USCB Center for the Arts. No need to bring prepared material; audition sides will be provided. Performance dates are April 16-19. Actors must be available all performance dates as well as evenings and Sundays for rehearsals. If you have any questions, please contact George Pate,