Collard Greens and Culture by Natalie Daise on display at USCB

Natalie Daise’s exhibit Greens In The Community Garden is now on display at USCB Center for the Arts.

A lifelong visual and performing artist, Natalie’s work is inspired by heritage and community. Collard greens, which appear in many of her paintings, connect her to her father and tie to family gatherings, stories, and deeper connections. Adam Parker of the Charleston Post and Courier wrote, “Her paintings include elements of African iconography, food items, colorful garb, abstract designs, gold or silver or copper leaf and more than mimic a Byzantine style. But her real focus is on the people she portrays.

Though she has no formal training, Daise has an innate ability to paint profoundly expressive faces and to connect posture with feeling. Consequently, she permits the viewer a glimpse into the mind and heart of her subjects.” (7/22/18) The public is invited to the opening of the show on Thursday, January 24 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.  An Artist Talk, facilitated by her daughter, Sara Makeba Daise, will be held in the CFA auditorium at 6 PM that evening.

The artist talk will be based on her academic research and experience as an artist, celebrating how women have used what they had to create not only what they need, but what their community needs as well.  From Dakota women beading their culture together, to African American Women using story, thread, and paint, this talk celebrates our creativity, perseverance, and vision.  

 The Center for the Arts Gallery is located at 801 Carteret Street in Historic Downtown Beaufort.

The exhibit is free and open to the public Monday – Friday 8 AM till 5 PM.