Cooler weather brings fall 5K season in Beaufort

With the ever-so-slight cool down we experience here in Beaufort when September turns into October, you start to see the 5K races and run/walks popping up throughout the area.  While we see enthusiasts running every day during the hotter seasons of the year, September, October and November bring with them much more comfort.

Beaufort loves to stay fit, and Beaufort LOVES to run.  Right Forrest?

One of the more popular 5K Runs is the upcoming Beaufort Shrimp Festival 5K Bridge Run. The Shrimp Festival kindlyCooler weather brings fall 5K season in Beaufort  Photo by Shannon Roberts offers us all a way to stay fit while dining on all the goodies it offers later in the day. The race starts in downtown and the route takes you over the Woods Memorial Bridge and then part way down Meridian Road on Lady’s Island …and then back again.

That’s fun. And think of all the beauty you’ll see along the way.

The 5K begins at 8am on Saturday morning, October 4th and also offers a Popcorn Shrimp Run for ages 7 and under will begin at 845am at the corner of Bay and Newcastle Streets in downtown. Each require advanced registration.

Of course, this is just one of the upcoming events that you’ll need to put on the running shoes for.  Keep your eyes open for several more, including the season’s Alzheimer’s Memory Walks and a variety of others, all helping you to stay fit, Beaufort.

Bridge runs & walks are quintessentially Beaufort. Our local running community is a tight one. You see familiar faces that encourage you come back day after day and the breathtaking views take away the monotony of a simple 2-mile run – turning that half hour into a special time to connect with the beauty of the Lowcountry.

Just remember to take a moment halfway through your route to stop and enjoy the splendor of this place and bask in all the glory Beaufort has to offer.

Cooler weather brings fall 5K season in Beaufort