Get some exercise and discover local history with Beaufort Running Tours

beaufort running toursBy Hannah Cordill | Meet Katie. Katie is a local Beaufortonian with a passion for running. She began running when she was 18 years old after competitively swimming throughout high school. Her first time on the road she was only able to make it a half mile. But she quickly became addicted to the sport and hasn’t stopped since, increasing her distances to include half and full marathons.

This passion for running and desire to share her enthusiasm for the sport led her to starting her own business, Beaufort Running Tour.

Running tours have become popular in large cities including New York and San Antonio, giving visitors an active way to learn about their destination. Katie is combining her love of getting outside and hitting the pavement with sharing the history of our quaint town by offering running tours through our proud historic district.

Most small towns lack the history and sites for this type of tourism. However, our town is filled with history, dating back to the 1500s and the Beaufort Running Tour is a great way to learn about our historic town.

The tours are given on Friday and Saturday mornings at 9:30 and on Sunday afternoons at 4:00. Tours are also available during the week upon request. The tour begins in the waterfront park and includes a three mile loop to the top of the Woods Memorial Bridge, around the Old Point and through historic downtown Beaufort.

Runners will stop 8-10 times at various historical markers and homes to hear about the history of the landmark. Fun facts about Beaufort are also revealed along the course.

Katie's new Beaufort Running Tours is gearing up to hit the road this week.
Katie’s new Beaufort Running Tours is gearing up to hit the road this week.

Don’t worry about being a competitive runner to take this tour. Katie will match your pace, whether it is a 7 minute mile or a 12 minute mile. But come prepared to get in a great workout and learn a history lesson. This tour is perfect for active Beaufort residents to hear about the history of our town and learn the facts about some of our favorite southern characteristics. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for anyone visiting Beaufort for a quick weekend to see our historic sites and get active in the morning. And, if you have friends or family coming to town, send them down for a tour and follow up with brunch at one of our local hot spots, a great way to spend your morning.

I had the opportunity to take a tour with Katie and can highly recommend taking one to learn about Beaufort. We had resided here for 6 years and there is so much history I never knew about our town.

The course is stroller friendly, as I had my little sidekick with me, but Katie is limiting strollers to privately scheduled tours during the week. The price for the tour is $18 and includes a Beaufort Running Tour t-shirt.

Also, on April 1st, in celebration of its one year anniversary, Beaufort Running Tour is hosting a Boot Camp along with Go Flex Training.  See more about the Boot Camp here.

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