Local authors hold book signing event at ARTworks

Local authors Jack Gannon and Cyndi Barnier celebrated the release of their new book Murder in Twos and Threes by having a book signing event inside ARTworks at Beaufort Town Center on Saturday afternoon.  The recently released psychological thriller is their first in a series of future writings to come in a new book series of TASK FORCE NOVELS, beginning with this release.

Their story is an interesting one, as it almost never happened.  As classmates at Beaufort High School in the 1970s, they spent nearly every day for two school years talking about their respective desires to write and become authors. They talked about writing together, and Jack shared some of the characters he created years earlier, including (Twos and Threes’) eventual hero. After high school they went their separate ways and nothing was ever written, and their paths never crossed despite both staying in the Lowcountry.

Fast-forward three decades. Thanks to Facebook and a mutual friend online, the two high-school best friends reunited. One of the first questions they both asked each other was, “Whatever happened to that book you were going to write?”

Well here it is, and it’s worth the read.  Trust us.  You can check it out here too.