New area code coming to Beaufort on October 19th

New area code coming to Beaufort on October 19thAs of September 19th, to make a phone call in Beaufort you’ll need to dial 10 digits to complete your call as a new 854 area code is about to overlay the entire stretch of the eastern third of South Carolina in the 843 area code zone.

Yes…as of October 19th, our part of the 843 will also be known as the 854.

No existing phone numbers will require changes, nor will prices to make those same calls change.

The 854 number is South Carolina’s first “overlay” area code, so it’s expected to cause some confusion. It will become a second area code for the areas currently served by 843 so the 854 area code numbers will be assigned as the available 843 numbers run out.

At some point, next-door neighbors might have different area codes.

So, for any call placed within the 843/854 area code, even to call the house or business next door, 10 digits, including the area code will need to be dialed on landlines and wireless phones starting September 19th, in anticipation of the changeover 30 days later.

This change to 10 from 7 numbers to dial shouldn’t cause any hangups because it just involves dialing a complete phone number when making a call.

Remember that the change will effect lots of everyday things, however.

Folks will need to make sure the area code is programmed in safety and security systems, fax machines, phone lists, and the like, as well as changing your pet ID tags. While business owners will feel a little pinch as the number will need changed on marketing materials, websites, business cards and stationery.

That should be fun…