Romantic Weekend in Beaufort winners: Jamie and Allen

With over 140 entries in our Valentine’s Contest to win a romantic weekend for two in downtown Beaufort, SC, the winning couple is Jamie and Allen.  Currently residing in Tennessee, Allen was born and raised in Gray’s Hill and hasn’t been back to Beaufort in 5 years.
Congrats to you both, and we’re looking forward to your visit.

Here is their story as told by Jamie: 

“I met Allen in college in North Carolina. I was a junior and he was a freshman. In the beginning, he was just a friend and I did not think I would have real feelings for him. On Valentine’s Day 2003 that all changed.

He came to my apartment carrying a huge balloon, roses, candy, and dancing monkeys that played a song from my favorite movie. He put more thought into that gift that anyone has ever done for me. From that moment on I have never loved anyone else but him.

He is from Beaufort (Grays Hill born and raised) but moved to Tennessee to be with me the day after Valentine’s Day in 2008. Valentine’s Day with him is more than just celebrating a holiday, it’s remembering how it all started and makes me remember the important milestones in our relationship.

Currently I am working and student teaching for my last semester in grad school. He is staying at home taking care of our two daughters and supports me as I work toward my dreams. I could not complete my goals without him.

He deserves this trip to his hometown for all the love and support he’s given me.

I know he misses the waterfront, marshes, and trees hanging over the roads. He sacrificed that beautiful scenery for me, and I will forever love him and be eternally grateful for his choice to be by my side.”

Welcome back to Beaufort, Allen.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.

Romantic Weekend in Beaufort winners:  Jamie and Allen