September brings 5K Race season to Beaufort

With the ever-so-slight cool down we experience here in Beaufort when September rolls around, you’ll start to see the 5K races and run/walks popping up throught the greater area.  While we see enthusiasts running every day during the hotter seasons of the year, September, October and November bring with them much more comfort.

Beaufort loves to stay fit, and Beaufort LOVES to run.  Right Forrest?  Here is some information on upcoming 5K fundraising events from both north, and south, of the big beautiful Broad River.

Already scheduled for September are the Lt. Dan Weekend 3 Run/Ride 5K on September 15th at MCAS Beaufort, the 3rd Annual Devin’s Dash 5K at Hilton Head Health in Hilton Head, and the 5th Annual Tiger Bass Run at Hampton Lakes, in Bluffton.  The Tiger Bass Run also offers a more grueling 7K trail run as well.  Coming up on October 6th is the Beaufort Shrimp Festival’s mega-popular 5K Run, and it’s Walk Through History, and also it’s Popcorn Shrimp Run for the younger enthusiasts in your family.  The Shrimp Festival kindly offers us all a way to stay fit while dining on all the goodies it offers later in the day.

Also in October we can enjoy the beauty of Hunting Island with the annual Friends of Hunting Island 5K Run/Walk, designed for all runners on a good flat, wide course through our unique Maritime Forest. Hunting Island offers trails that are comprised of packed shell and sand surfaced with level gentle curves in a shady forest.  What could be better than that?

When a 5K just won’t cut it and you really want to test your mettle, go to Parris Island for the dirtiest race around on October 20th’s MCRD Parris Island’s Swamp Romp. This tricky course is meant for dirt and sweat, and maybe a little bravery.  Billed by MCCS South Carolina as the Lowcountry’s dirtiest race, Swamp Romp is a total sensory experience where you can become immersed in combat scenarios and sound effects as you run through the swamp, wade through mud pits and overcome obstacles. The 5 mile course begins on a “beach,” moves to the “jungle,” takes you into hills and then back to the “beach.” This is an intense event that looks like a great deal of fun too.

Of course, these are just a few of the upcoming events that you’ll need to put on the running shoes for.  Keep your eyes open for several more, including the season’s Alzheimer’s Memory Walks and a variety of others, all helping you to stay fit, Beaufort.










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