Sunday's Yoga Aid for Africa Project brings unity to Waterfront Park

By Megan Howe |  Ubuntu, I am because you are. I now have a deeper understanding of this worldview, this African philosophy that we are one. What made Sunday so very special was the actual experience of Ubuntu at Yoga Aid for Africa Yoga Project at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in downtown Beaufort, SC.

I am because you are. A statement filled with power, but until then I hadn’t realized how very true these words are…  I felt the energy of hundreds of open hearted individuals join together for something big and for something good. I witnessed men, women, children, and even dogs come together for ONE cause, Africa Yoga Project. Families joined the party, old friends reunited, and new bonds were made, all thru the practice of yoga.  The turnout was amazing.

The practice began with a Lotus Flow lead by Kelley Boyd from Savannah Yoga Center.  Kelley had the tunes flowing, the participants grooving, and the energy building. Yoga Chandra Center came next and shared a beautiful flow sequence, entitled ‘Creating a Dream’. The piece was envisioned by Kim Cech and Drangana Pavic-Zappia and created for all the teachers of Yoga Chandra to share for Yoga Aid. The teachers moved under the sun in fluid motion to beautiful music. While I watched in awe, an African proverb came into mind and I realized what they were sharing. See, the proverb is bold, yet simple, very much like the performance by these teachers.  ‘When you pray, move your feet’. They were praying in motion and it was beautiful. Prayers continued as Brent Martin, of the Yoga Co-Op of Savannah – Jivamukti Affiliate School, lead us next into meditative chants that awakened souls and opened hearts. Brent skillfully guided the group to relax, deepen the connection we share, and further prove that we are all one.

Finishing out the day, Certified Baptiste Teachers Shelley Lowther, Kate Taylor, and Beth Thomas launched the main event, a DJ Yoga Party. DJ Aylin cranked the beat while Shelley, Kate, and Beth lead participants through a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow filled with yoga, dance, connection, funk, and a lot of soul. My role, during the party, was to join 8 others under the leadership of Frank Markowski, from MBody Yoga in Jacksonville, FL, and assist all participants. It was during this time that I fully experienced the Ubuntu philosophy. When we all came together; teachers, students, assistants, volunteers, families, friends, we let go of our differences, our fears, our hate, our judgement, we opened ourselves up and together we created change.

Sunday, we sent vibrations all around the world, vibrations carrying kindness, peace, and unity. We sent intentions of empowerment, love, and possibility.  We did all of these things, together. Together we created, celebrated, a few of us caffeinated… and I cannot wait to do it again next year!  Namaste.

To learn more about Africa Yoga Project, please click here. To donate to Africa Yoga Project, please visit Megan’s fundraising page, here.