Whitehall Boat Landing, the new eco-friendly jewel of the Sea Islands, is now open to the public!

Load up your boats and kayaks…Beaufort’s new boat landing is open to the public! Whitehall Boat Landing, also known as the Factory Creek Boat Ramp, is one of the most utilized water access points in all of Beaufort County.


This is a jewel of Beaufort County – it’s one of the best boat landings we have right now. ~ Andrea Atherton, CIP Construction Manager, Beaufort County Engineering


O’Quinn Marine Construction (contractor), Andrews Engineering (local Beaufort) and McSweeney Engineers (Charleston) have been working with Beaufort County since last October to develop a safer and more environmentally friendly public access to Factory Creek and the Beaufort River. The new landing includes safety railings, 3 boat lanes and almost twice as many parking spaces as the previous access. The large dock also features two retractable ropes on and high-tech guide piles, holding the new floating dock.

Under the parking lot the new landing also features a high tech Storm Detention System to provide optimal underground retention, infiltration and detention solutions for stormwater runoff. At the the top of the boat ramp you are able to see a trench drain. The water that comes from Sea Island Parkway and falls into that trench drain then it finds it’s way into the new underground Storm Detention System. All of the silt and dirt and oils that come off the road falls into a sump that is cleaned out. This not only reduces the volume that gets put back into the waterway but also cleans the water that is coming off of Sea Island Parkway. 

We really, really wanted to save that Live Oak on the corner. Through design efforts, we were able to create a maneuvering area for trucks and trailers to pull into to get into a position to back into the boat landing and still save the Live Oak. ~ Andrea Atherton, CIP Construction Manager, Beaufort County Engineering

The updated landing is a fantastic addition to the community and will enable more boaters to launch their boats and kayaks and experience the beautiful waterways right here, in the heart of Beaufort.

See you all on the water!